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Developer: Jeremy Scott
Year: 2001
Genre: Action
Rating: 72%
Downloads: 22,876
Size: 2.83 MB
Added: 11 years ago

Our Abuse Review

In Abuse, you have to kill mutants who are infected from the virus, and collect health, ammo, and power-ups. This is a platform game, where you control the movement of your player with the keyboard and you aim your weapon using your mouse. It also includes a level editor, if you want to create your own. Decent graphics, and nice sound. This is well worth downloading.

16 User Comments

jk 8 months ago

i is a good game but not purely good not has some picture clearty

raymond h. garais 21 months ago

i cant download it!!!!!!

Leo 3 years ago

Haven't played this awesome game for nearly 10 years, thank you for sharing it!

trying to gather all the great games from my youth at the moment..

yola 3 years ago

that is cool

Lui 3 years ago

Bajaros el free abuse que funciona muy bien y tiene un mogollon de niveles

Chewie 3 years ago

the game will not start, i click the icon and nothing happens

kizzer 3 years ago

It will not start on WinXPSP3. Any solutions?

meilleur rachat de credit 3 years ago

tres interessant, merci

مسعود 3 years ago

بدک نبود

moosa 3 years ago


Felipe 3 years ago

Hola, porque sera que el juego no me corre, lo inicio normal y no anda, lo abro con el editor y si abre, porque sera?.

tengo el Directx 9.0c

Nvidia Gforze 8600 gs / 512 MB

1.5 GB en RAM

un Win XP


Brian 5 years ago

Really great game for its day, the editor makes it especially fun (add " -edit" after the command line in the .exe file to access the editor)

Etyene 6 years ago

muito foda. vc n enjoa eu R.E.C.O.M.E.N.D.O

esse jogo é muuuuuuuuuito irado vc n enjoa

علي رضا 8 years ago


Mayhem 9 years ago

Solid little game, great sound effects and good graphics (for it's time). It's very satisfying chunking aliens into little gibblets.

Master Xan 9 years ago

Fun little game. Good sounds, great atmosphere to it. Addictive for awhile, but not something you'll be playing for 30 years.

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