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America's Army 2.0: Special Forces

Developer: U.S. Army
Year: 2004
Genre: Action
Rating: 73%
Downloads: 40,599
Size: 653 MB
Added: 13 years ago

Our America's Army 2.0: Special Forces Review

Developed by the United States Army, this 3D shooting game has become an overnight hit. Currently, America's Army is the number one online action game in the country. For the Army, this is the most powerful recruiting tool since "Be all that you can be." But for gamers, it's much more than that.

Completing certain training missions help you get used to the Weapons Specialist, Intelligence, Engineer, Communications, and Combat Medic roles. The weapons and graphics are incredibly realistic, and make you feel as if you are actually on a battlefield. The 'Operations' portion allows up to 32 players to enter into the virtual service with the U.S. Army on the same unit mission.

This game is different than almost all the other freeware games. Unlike most freeware games, a lot of money was spent in producing it--6.3 million dollars! And instead of having people pay for it, the Army hopes to receive some extra troops as their 'payment'. The only downside to this game? The several-hour download for most people. But all you people on dial-up, don't worry, there are several sites where you can request a CD of it for a small shipping & handling fee. And that's a good deal, considering that most people would pay for it even if it wasn't free.

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dayal ruidas 2 years ago

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My Name Is Khan 5 years ago


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jaymar 5 years ago

this game is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ابراهیم 5 years ago

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Yasir gulzar 5 years ago

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Amol 5 years ago

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johnatabong 5 years ago

i want to download

Ibrahim 5 years ago

I like this game.

gremlinkurst 5 years ago

This really sucks; the link leads to the wrong game, one I already have. Liars.

KILLER 5 years ago

nice game to play

TOM 5 years ago


Major Rahul 5 years ago

Very Impressive

krishna 5 years ago


joyce 5 years ago

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purushottam 5 years ago

very nice game

angga 6 years ago

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kartik 6 years ago

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Parminder 6 years ago

cool game

wahyoe 6 years ago

i like this games :)

gamer12_adik! 6 years ago

this is awesome!!! but the graphi is weak

اب 6 years ago

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ga 6 years ago

very good

lyu 6 years ago


I Love MS-DOS 7 years ago


شقئهد 7 years ago


crazycomputergeek2000 7 years ago

well im new to this site but this will great when its done dling.

ney medina 7 years ago


alkireza 11 years ago

salam khoobi

[=++=] 11 years ago

The game is awsome. There is a wide variety of different weapons and grenades. The graphics for this game are pretty good but not the greatest. Best of this game is free. It is so fun i play it almost everyday.

HuMMeR 12 years ago

Mornin guys,

Man im addicted to this game, been playin it for 2 years now... i love it.
Fantastic teamplay and solo-play. kinda everything is cool here.
Xept that they will rip the most important thing: aaotracker. out of the game. so we cant see what we shoot anymore.. :( but i love this game.


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