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Chess-It! 3.0

Developer: Yoto Yotov
Year: 1999
Genre: Board
Rating: 77%
Downloads: 128,426
Size: 500 KB
Added: 15 years ago

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This Chess game features a tutor, hints, help, multi-player, timer, and more. Every time a move is made, an announcer announces the square that the piece it moved from and the square it moved to. This is an excellent chess game for beginners and the experienced. You can save or open your games, and also set the difficulty level. If you're looking for a nice freeware chess game, get this one!

36 User Comments

john 3 years ago

i like it

Basit 3 years ago

How to download

anis 3 years ago

very good

komodo 4 years ago

une petite merveille

appalaKic 7 years ago

Hi! :)

wuzzup? :) :) :)

K R RAMESH 7 years ago


idris wb 7 years ago

thank you, i want to become master>

Baram 7 years ago

Good . But This cannot be download

karikatalk 7 years ago

chess has helped my life

maliviky@yahoo.in 7 years ago

i like chess game and i play in 3 year

maliviky@yahoo.in 7 years ago

thes is a good chess game

Ranjan Sahoo 7 years ago

I like chess game

Sreeumarpadmalayam 8 years ago

it is not working in W7 man any solution?

venu 8 years ago

3D view would be better

Daniel 8 years ago

It's quite good.But sometimes it will perform illegal move(unreasonable move)

Bharat 8 years ago

Make Chess It in 3D view

ash 8 years ago

the program is bad it places vital pieces like queen and bishop under attack with no backup. a little attention on that will improve it

ash 8 years ago

can u edit a board setup

Mehul Sanghani 8 years ago

tark sakti dhi bharpur aetle chess game

Mehul Sanghani...D 8 years ago

chess is a very inteligen mind game

SJVCK 9 years ago


9946278351 WIN


Chess is a board game for two players. The object of chess is to Checkmate your opponent. Checkmate occurs when your opponent's King is attacked by one or more of your pieces and cannot escape from that attack on the next move. Whenever a King is threatened by a 'Check' (when the King is attacked but may be able to escape), the opposing player must call out the word 'Check,' and the player whose King is threatened must move his King out of Check if possible. If not, that game is a Checkmate and is over. Players take turns moving one piece at a time to weaken their opponent's position and to strengthen their own. When a player is able to land on a piece occupied by his opponent, he "captures" his opponent's piece. The captured piece is then removed from the board and from gameplay. Chess pieces are symbolic of a medieval army. Each player starts with a King and a Queen, two Rooks, two Knights, two Bishops, and eight Pawns.

SJVCK 9 years ago

9946278351 WIN

SJVCK 9 years ago



saagar 9 years ago

i will be vishwnathan ANAND_2 in 2020

karan 9 years ago


waseem 9 years ago

this is very lull game

sindhu 9 years ago

it very wonderful game

nair 9 years ago

a little more board clarity would add up to the point

jacobs 9 years ago

very good computer program.

nagaraj.chidella@convergys.com 9 years ago

chess is one of the game I play regularly. get releaf from work stress.

ranjini 10 years ago

good tutor huh!!

Picmaus 10 years ago

Good program, but when system clock go from 23:59 to 0:00 then game fall.. Maybe it was random..

jose rasch 10 years ago

I think that a game so dificult as chess,is important to evaluate for the learning of the young people and the "no ranked" players.Really I see very instructive the way she play.I deligthed.

jacobe 10 years ago

bring chess on!!!!!!!!

defesa phillidor 12 years ago

nao consigo abrir um jogo gravado

b34r 12 years ago

so, not bad, cool idea, but..... not the greatest computer chess player, like im not that great maybe intermidiate, but the comp is easy to beat. just as it says, great to learn chess, but not tough against experienced players

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