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Duke Nukem

Developer: Todd Replogle
Year: 1991
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 78%
Downloads: 23,251
Size: 271 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Duke Nukem Review

In Duke Nukem, you fight enemies, collect power-ups, and health. It's rendered in vivid EGA graphics, with many special screen effects. It features huge four-way, dual-scrolling playfields with realistic graphics, and animation that updates 48 frames per second! Duke is an amazing hero, who does flips and clings to ceilings. Help him save the world on his first action-packed adventure. Other features include: Large animated enemies, built-in hint mode, joystick support, self-running demo, arcade sound effects, save/restore, and much more.

22 User Comments

ALI 2 years ago

very nice game

Esteban 5 years ago

No entiendo un carajo. Xq no hacen una página en la que sea más fácil descargar los archivos que tiene, o no están para eso?

leo 5 years ago

its like the type of game you play when nothing works on your computer anymore

aman 7 years ago

you are fool man

ansh sharma 7 years ago

this game is very good

ADRIAN 7 years ago

Wow! What an odd looking game!

Mainiac 7 years ago

i have the new game mwahhahaha

mr.nice guy 7 years ago

the best game ever

daniel 7 years ago

so bore

APOGEEsuxRATballz 7 years ago

It a shame when you have to leave your own fan comments...

This site is Poison!!!!!

Apogee Sucks Balls!!!!!

devil 8 years ago

Kill yourself

Pankaj 8 years ago

Now its the time come that duke must have come with a new adventur with more exitment and more powerfull enemy

shadowarrior2002 8 years ago

hey brain, you can download this game by clicking on the download this game icon and then on the next page load click on download this game in the middle of 4 corner of the advertisement links.

That Guy 9 years ago

To run this game you need DOSbox google it and use the guide

ali ashhad 9 years ago


this game is so great

annabobic 9 years ago

Hello My name is Goran, How are u ?

annabobic 9 years ago


I am new here (actualy i am new on internet) you have a nice community here and i

want to make some friends :)

My name is Anna Bobic i am born in Croatia. oh i am 19 years old. I love rock music and animals :)

george 10 years ago

same as Frank Sin, game files download, but never plays. link does not work!!

Frank Sin 10 years ago

@nd place I tried to download from. Game installs and Never Plays

Duke fan!!!!!!! 12 years ago

Awesome! I love this game, I still have the origional floppy disks with all 3 episodes! It's also realy cool to Design your own levels too! I have Duke Nukem 3-D, and am now waiting for the up comming Duke Nukem Forever!!!!!

Apogee Rocks!!!

Aliensrnear 13 years ago

Includes a lot of fun levels. Played several times.

dabski 14 years ago

Awsome retro game

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