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Little Fighter

Developer: Marti Wong
Year: 1997
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 79%
Downloads: 13,057
Size: 464 KB
Added: 14 years ago

Our Little Fighter Review

In Little Fighter, you play as one of 10 kids in one-on-one, team, or tournament matches. You can pick up weapons like rocks and crates when they fall down from the sky, and use them for throwing at your opponents. This game will give you hours of ass-kicking fun. Any fan of fighting games should download Little Fighter.

33 User Comments

parth 2 years ago

boring game and badddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

lucky 2 years ago

very nice game

RHINE 2 years ago

I love LF2 more than 1. 1 is sooooo easy

mubbashir 2 years ago

js js ko ya game pasnd ha wo chota han keonka mana as sa chotapa game nahi dakka

akshay 5 years ago

this game is so cool

Kuma 6 years ago

I beat the Master in Little Fighter it's too Easy hahahaha

802581 6 years ago

fajna gra

panji 7 years ago

my lf2 mods is much more good then that stupid lf1

DarkJac 7 years ago

i want sx2 lf2 ~_~

Ankur sahu 7 years ago

This game best for children

sanket 7 years ago

but i can

fan of little fighter 7 years ago

its fantastic but not working i have all lf(lf2 lf2night lf4turbo lf ALL IN ONE more then 60 heros) and other games i like to make my web site to upload did you help me for it PLEAS!!!!!!!!!! for your download lf all version i open it everyday you help us

yash 7 years ago

it so cool i could tell u one code that you could write in little fighter 2 to get other characters lf2.net

Ninabei 7 years ago

like shit LF2 is much better

Dj 7 years ago

i love little fighter but not this part i like 4 trubo i m loveing it

anshu 8 years ago

this is the best game in thee world

wai 8 years ago

not very good

Silseng 8 years ago

This is the best game ever made

hi 8 years ago

dude i love this game but play little fighter 2 its awesome

kucing 9 years ago

i dont like this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this game is so shyt

kucing 9 years ago

game bodo ni pown nk men!!!!!!!!!!

major wen 9 years ago

so so so so so so so so BAD! ty little fighter 2 or 3!

Shi Min 9 years ago

I love it but too bad I can't download all kind of little fighter

someone 9 years ago

I cant play it in japanese

bhavisha 9 years ago

bad bad bad bad very very bad please dont download this game

ANSHUMAN 10 years ago

I like little fighter very much

cj 10 years ago

wow its biutyfull never seen this before

j dog 13 years ago

I like little fighter 2.5 and little fighter 1.5. The code to get all fighters is lf2.net but type that at the player select screen

Andy 13 years ago

Try Little Figher 2

Eric Yang 14 years ago

I never played it before I only play LF2....

Pascal 14 years ago

I really want this game.

noah 14 years ago

I LOVE little fighter but i wish i coud beat the boss

Bob$ 14 years ago

Get Little Fighter 2!

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