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Developer: CANO-Lab
Year: 2003
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 77%
Downloads: 5,591
Size: 707 KB
Added: 14 years ago

Our Pendulumania Review

In Pendulumania, you must hit the targets by swinging a ball that is connected (by a stretchy string) to a ring that you are controlling. If you let the string stretch out too much, it will break. You will score more points by doing combos, and also by hitting the targets when your string is extended out more. This game is very addicting; try it out for yourself to see what I am talking about!

4 User Comments

Shoxpyre 13 years ago

This game freaking rocks. I just got it but all I could get was the Ultra rating so far with a score of 1,173,000 or something close to that. I'm getting better and better every game i play. I played maybe 15 games so far so i'm off to a moderately slow start. Please people try this game! It may not look like the coolest game ever but it's freaking sweet! TRY IT. One thing I wish theyd do is make it into a full english version so i can read everything. It'd be do much cooler! =P

themacmeister 13 years ago

One of the most addictive games I have ever played. Only rated 90% because of an incompatibility with WinXP/Firefox. My high score is just over 10 million, but it is improving. Very DOSsy retro graphics, but superb gameplay. Highly recommended!
Editor's Note: Use DOSBox if you are having problems with this game in WinXP.

Holunder 13 years ago

This is no game for brutes. You have to be calm an concentrated in order to get any higher points.

It's great fun from the very start and the better you get, the more fun you have!

I'm going to play this game for years!

2RE 14 years ago

This game is AWESOME. Graphically not the best, but it sure is addicting! At first, it is very hard to control the ball at all, but after a while, you can reach a score of milliards of points. For example, the worldwide highscore is around 110 billiards! (11 followed by 16 zeroes). Try to beat that! My own hiscore is about 20 milliards, by the way.

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