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Rodent's Revenge

Developer: Microsoft
Year: 1991
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 92%
Downloads: 205,676
Size: 198 KB
Added: 14 years ago

Our Rodent's Revenge Review

Rodent's Revenge is a classic cat-and-mouse game. You, as a mouse, have to outsmart the cat and trap it in a 1x1 grid by pushing blocks. If the cat gets you, you die. As you beat the levels, more cats will appear and the game gets harder. In the harder levels there are new obstacles, such as purple balls of yarn, sinkholes, and mousetraps.

This is a simple game - there is no sound, and there are a total of 11 different colors. I can see why some people wouldn't like this game and would think it's boring, but I think it's a great classic. If you're looking for a simple, well-made game with great gameplay, get Rodent's Revenge.

187 User Comments

Tiago G 10 months ago

guys, you can play it here without having to download: https://classicreload.com/rodents-revenge.html

Bethany 3 years ago

It won't install on Windows 7.


deseo bajar estre juego y no puedo

JP 3 years ago

Won't run on 64-bit Windows 7 :_(

Euro Pimp 3 years ago

Fond memories of this game, look forward to playing it again.

Daniel 4 years ago

Years looking for this game. Thanks.

noob mäng 4 years ago

rate 0 and 1


Sabrina 6 years ago

is this download free?

Sabrina 6 years ago

is this download free?

christine 6 years ago

this is the best game on the web, in my oppion

Kryosis 6 years ago

I love this game! Used to play it so much as a kid! Thanks for posting it here!

Scad Bawlensnatcher 6 years ago

So cool to see other people that got to enjoy this little gem with they were a kid. Fun fun fun. I would play in my dad's office on those old school PCs as a wee lad. I'm 23 now, so it was some time ago.

Brycen 6 years ago

Finally, after all these years of searching...Awesome Game!!!

TJ 6 years ago

:D!!!!! So glad I found this game again!!!!!! Been about 10 years since I've played but I love it!!!

Trent 6 years ago

This game is never ending fun!

oliviancool 6 years ago


Brii La Reine 6 years ago

An amazing game this is. As a child i played this all the time at my grand parents house on their old cp from the 1990s. Im 23 now so you do the math lol. Nice to know that i share the same interest in this game as the many others who have also posted over the years. ENJOY!!!!!

Zaid Huda 6 years ago

played it when i was 5 and now it's better than DotA! :D

Elliott 6 years ago

Geez this brings back the entirety of my childhood, at least at my gramparents. I randomly thought of this game again the other day, so I'm glad to see the memory can still live on!

Jakob 6 years ago

this tiny game works on windows 7 ultimate, don't understand why peep say it won't run on their pc.

Rj scharff 6 years ago

I believe this was one of my favorite games when I was 5 - 7, Always used to play it on my parents computer but after it crashed and all the memory was lost I never remembered the name but remembered what was in it, I'd recommend this game to everyone it's fun, and time consuming.

Bassam 7 years ago

I used to have the game for years. suddenly, I lost it and I can gownload it again. Can anyone help?

lover flower :P 7 years ago

i love this game it use to be on a computer at my old day care but i moved and now its gone but i cant find a way to play it anymore.....wish i could play it again......I LOVEEEEEEEEE THISS GAME!!!!! :) BEST GAME EVER~LOVE me :)

Michael 7 years ago

Great game!! Takes me back to 1995

Nene 7 years ago

do u have to pay to download this game ? i love it and havnt played in years!

someone 7 years ago

This game is 16-bit, actually.

nechus 7 years ago

For those who can't play this game because it won't run on 64-bit computers, you can easily run it on Ubuntu, using Wine. Right click on the exe file and check the "allow to run this file as a program" box. Then right click again and "Open with wine". Enjoy!

nechus 7 years ago

One of my favorite games when I was learning to use my first computer. Simple but incredibly fun. Much better than many modern games!!!

Mouse 7 years ago

For all those who are asking why it won't work on their computer, its because you have a 64-bit operating system(Windows). The underlying workings of a 64-bit OS is completely different than 34-bit. Its like the game speaks a different language and doesn't know how to talk with your computer. So sadly its like trying to play a cassette tape on a CD player, it will never work unless someone re-programs it :(

Coarryarorrug 7 years ago

be happy and love. kiss

audrea 7 years ago

I remember playing this game on my old computer as a kid one of the best classic games off all time can't wait to play it again!!! Thanks for its name :)

patricia 7 years ago

no puedoooooooooooooooo descargarlo por

I know about stranger danger. 7 years ago

I have an old computer and it has microsoft 98 on it and I've played it before. I've just like got on it a couple days ago and so far it's my favorite

fpartch@yahoo.com 7 years ago

Has anyone accomplished all 50 levels? What ultimate score did you attain?

christina 7 years ago

works perfect on windows xp i used to love this game so much

playman 7 years ago

kah kah, sedap kakloh game lamo ni

HELP ME! 7 years ago

i rele wanna download this game to my windows 7 64 bit comp but it wont run!!! i have it on my bfs comp and it works great... y wont it work on mine?

nice try 7 years ago

not giving out a credit card number to download a free game... STUPID.

The One 7 years ago

For those hu wanna play this game... If your really X2 wanna play this game just search rodent revenge flash n u can play online =P

Chelsea Mitchell 8 years ago

Freakin wont download on a mac!!!!!!!

9335052973 8 years ago

Any kind of problem i have the perfect solution call now

Shirley 8 years ago

Love this game; can someone give step by step instructions to download properly to Win7. Please I need your help.

Victor 8 years ago

How can I possibly make this work on Windows 7? This is vital, please.

Barrie Simunsen 8 years ago

My operating system is windows 7 64-bit I tried to download & recieved a message that it was not compatable. What can I do?

sixdollarman 8 years ago

It's a great "lo-fi" game! As an OLD 16-bit app, it runs on Win32 systems under an NTVDM (Windows NT Virtual DOS Machine). 64-bit architecture doesn't support NTVDM. Note: the original MS version can be found on all old Win95 and Win98 install CDs; no installer needed. Have fun!

Matthew Adam 8 years ago

does it run on mac :)

mwest 8 years ago

how do you download this, efficiently - or even play this as a demo? So frustrated!!

Francis 8 years ago

Try Rodents Vengeance at reynoldssoft.com. But, it has no diagonals and the mouse picture should change when in a hole.

Stan 8 years ago

Desperately need the diagonal movements for the mouse.

Francis 8 years ago

Try Rodents Vegeandce at reynoldssoft.com It is great, but lacks the diagonal movements. Let the author know we need the diagonals and the mouse picture to change when in a hole.

Gina 8 years ago

Great game :D

9335052973 8 years ago

Call me for cheating codes

Kc 8 years ago

CAT TRAP is not the same game as rodent's revenge that IJP guy's file isn't the right one. Similar, but not rodent's revenge.

URBMAN 8 years ago

guys its the 3rd person who wrote it (IJP) get winrar for christ sake and download the file easy as pie. also in the options menu it has the original graphics!!!!


catriz 8 years ago

I would like to download this game

Cilantro 8 years ago

Help - I see somebody can play on Windows 7 - why can't I? I have been looking forward to playing this again...

IJP 8 years ago

Here's a WIP of my Rodent's Revenge remake for pc (as mentioned earlier). I've also included versions for the GP2X and WIZ handheld consoles.

It will run on any pc from Windows 95 upwards (works on Windows 7, as that's what I'm using).


Donna Jean 8 years ago

I was working a 4PM -4AM shift and at night when i would get tired and not be real busy i would play rodent's revenge to keep me alert. I am so thankful I have found it and would like to get a copy of it on cd please advise me if it avaialable and where I might get it. Thanks, Donna Jean

tbear1942 8 years ago

Of course I ment Jump, not Just.


tbear1942 8 years ago

Well the purpose is to trap the cats and when they turn to cheese you EAT them. I have ran this game on everything from Win95 to Win7 and it seems to work just fine on all. You can also use the 1,7,9 and 3 keys to just at an angle to move blocks and escape from the cats.

chloe 8 years ago

bonsoir j'ai vistasur mon ordi et je souhaiterais télécharger Rodent's revenge j'ai adoraisce jeux et je voudrer y rejouer mais comment???

Erin Thompson 8 years ago

Somebody friggin put up some easy directions for us simple minded folk who don't know shit about shit! I WANNA PLAY!!!

chan 8 years ago

i hav vista, and when i run the program, it gives me an error saying it isnt compatible with my version of windows. can anybody help?

i really wanna play this game again

brett 8 years ago

i have windows vista and downloaded it no problem

ijp 8 years ago

Jacqueline: The download link here on this site does work on Windows XP. Did you extract it first before running it?

Alternatively, there is a JAVA clone (you can download it or play online) here - http://reynoldssoft.com/rodentgame/rodent_download.htm It's not perfect - you can push the cats with blocks, but it's pretty close to the original and offers some extras.

Jacqueline 8 years ago

Ok so I read all the comments here and nothing helped! How the hell do you play this game on windows xp?! I really want to play!

Bunyip 8 years ago

I think you only need WINE on Mac to play a Windows game. See here - http://davidbaumgold.com/tutorials/wine-mac/#what-is

Sonya 8 years ago

I have a mac and I'm working on getting a program or something that will let me play this game... Will I need MS DOS to play it?

ijp 8 years ago

I'm currently writing a freeware remake/update of this game (which will actually work on 64bit Windows7 based machines, unlike the original). I'll post a link to screenies and the full game soon.

It's an all time simple, but classic game that deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

Judy 8 years ago

I tried to d/l this game on my Dell Windows 7 and didn't work. What do I do? I love the game!

merlene 8 years ago

i spend hours playing this game but i cant download it to on my other computer, does anyone know how?

poopmouth 8 years ago

i downloaded the game but it wont work

Deb 8 years ago

I remember playing this on my aunt's computer for hours on end. Mem'ries!

Bella 8 years ago

HOW do I download it? Unless it can't on my computer?

I LOVED this game!! I remember playing this game on my aunts computer all the time!

Giovanna 8 years ago

i love this game i used to play it all the time a a little kid <3

QQSharp 8 years ago

Great, but doesn't work on a 64-bit system !

carolina medina 9 years ago


luke 9 years ago

this game is a classic, anyone who dont like it doesnt remember or isnt old enough. great game finally found it YES

Charlene 9 years ago

I played this game so much as a kid. And I've been searching for it for forever. I am soooo glad I've finally found it!

SOLUTION 9 years ago

You guys, easiest solution ever. I thought I was having the same problem as you, but it turns out there was no problem at all. When you click download and it brings you to the new window there is a second download link you have to click. it's like dead center in the middle of the screen!

MimiKo 9 years ago

The download isnt working on my comp. D:

S. 9 years ago

I'v searched for this game for so long, i used to play it all the time when i was little. I wanted to take it off the old computer but it is gone, and here it is again:D

Alice 9 years ago

You can play the game online, for free, here: http://reynoldssoft.com/rodentgame/rodent_applet.htm

Bancher 9 years ago

MY FAVORITE GAME EVER!!!!!!! i want to poop on it.... ;)

MorpH 9 years ago

this game is awesome, though i cant run under x64 systems... :C

Katie 9 years ago

This was the first game I ever played on a computer. <3

andrew 9 years ago

its the best game at my school its awsome

John Miller 9 years ago

ps. just google visual basic 6. it'll be a free download on a microsoft site or something.

John Miller 9 years ago

I got this to work on mac. I dragged the folder into my Dosbox (dos emulator) BOXER, and it didn't install correctly. However you can do it on crossover, (or wine or darwine I think too, but I downloaded crossover first as a trial. I still have to figure out Darwine.) Anyway, for crossover (you can try a free 30 day trial) you have to download a visual basic 6 script (VB6). It'll be an .exe file that's only about 1MB. You install that first. You'll have to pick "unsupported software", name your "bottle"--i'd just call it VBasic or something I have no idea what they're for but they should probably be easily named)-- and install File (not Install folder). Then download Rodent's Revenge above, and repeat process, except name the "bottle" like Rodent or something similar, and install Folder. Then open folder and double click the .exe file (should be the only one clickable)

M-E 9 years ago

Now i found the link under the banner, it says "Download Rodent's Revenge" wtih small blue text.

But it doesn't work anyway.

My computer can't run 16-bits-programs, -anyone know what's wrong? -...and how to fix it?

M-E 9 years ago

This doesn't work, nothing hapends when i try download it! :(

Mandy 9 years ago

This wont download to my computer? i have vista why wont it?

Chancheay 9 years ago

That was the best game i ever played!!!I wish that I could Still play it!!Oh well

Gavin 9 years ago

To run this game on a MAC, you'll have to download a windows emulator, called wine. it fools the game into thinking you have a pc. Then just install the game in wine, and voila.

Gavin 9 years ago

When you run the .exe file after extracting and downloading, you get an error message because the files are in a temporary internet folder. To solve this, copy the files and paste them in a new folder on the desktop, and just to be safe, right click your new copy of the .exe file and run it in windows 98 compatibility mode. This fixed it for my girlfriend's windows xp pc.

reyna 9 years ago

es el mejor juego del mundisisimoooo...es muu divertido....super padrisisimoooohe...juegalo..jajja

Amber 9 years ago

I would like this game but its a download

Amber 9 years ago

I would like this game but its a download

jason 9 years ago

it says the game is free yet it comes up would u like to bye it now? help me

Alex 9 years ago

When I click download game nothing happens. I want this game badly.

Bob 9 years ago

Works great in WINE.

DannyBoy 9 years ago

This is the best game of all times. I played it for hours when i was a kid!!!

Fred Lee Gennille Jr. 9 years ago

I loved this game. Still missing one old school game I want to remember, but can\'t.

Ayame 6DE9 9 years ago

I remember playing this game when I was REALLY little! Dosn\'t matter HOW old it is! It\'s so much FREAKING fun!

Neeko 9 years ago

This game is so much fun! I can\'t wait to download it and play it!

Chicki 9 years ago

WOW im only 14 and i played this game when i was in grade 2! i love it! but dad wont let me download it :( such a shame i\'ve been looking for it for ages!!! :O !

mary 9 years ago

it really sucks that there isnt a version for MAC

Aravix 9 years ago

Extract the file using WinRAR, then find the extracted folder, open it, and run \"rodent\" exe file.

It should work.

nita 9 years ago

i downloaded this game and cant get it to play and i cant even find the game. what do i do?

Mysti 9 years ago

How do I download the game. I tried several times, but it won't due to some missing files. HELP!

Elisha 9 years ago

Can someone help me with downloading? I just get a folder with 5 items and clicking on them doesnt do anything! HELP!!!! Loved this game when i was young and desperately want to play again! Im on vista btw.

e.hamilton 9 years ago

hey guys - i just found this so am hoping this may help you out in downloading rodents revenge.....i know almost nothing about computers, but if this helps out pass the word along. thanks

try downloading it with windows95 compatability mode


windows xp

e.hamilton 9 years ago

How does one download this game and get to actually work?

i have down loaded it but nothing else happens.....HELP its a great game! Thanks

inkgoddess4207 9 years ago

is there anyway to make this run on mac???

i miss this game sooooooo much and want to play it on my mac.


Jess 9 years ago

Everytime i try to download this game it doesnt work. Help!

iPod now!!! 9 years ago


Deej sucks 9 years ago

haha your parents are dead. you know, they died because they didn't love you

Chuck Norris 10 years ago

Even Chuck Norris likes this game

This is a real great game TY

amjed 10 years ago

DAMN I CANT DOWNLOAD IT ON VISTA AARRRGGGGHHHHH PIECE OF CRAPPY POOPPYY i friggin looooovvvveee this game i used to sit on it AALLLLLL day when i was younger oh gosh yess im excited juss lookin at the pic i need help downloading this anyone puhllleeeez

Kristina Seal 10 years ago

does anyone know how to get this game on a mac?? I would REALLY like to know..

get at me at klseal90@yahoo.com

Dani 10 years ago

This game is unbelievable!!! I used to play it all the time, but then we upgraded to Windows XP and a file went missing! Now I have reunited with this download, it is so cooooolL!!!!!

Amanda 10 years ago

because i cant get it to download on my dell!! but i remember playing it when i was younger and i love so i would give it a 100 percent if i could download it!!!

lw 10 years ago

needs to be an ipod app pronto

Squaguna 10 years ago

its one greatest oldest game ever i play since i was kid.. now i finnaly found this oldest game that my mom played..

M. L. Prett 10 years ago

I am so hooked. I don't like some of the variations like

the level with blocks lining the game square and one mouse

& one cat????running around doing nothing??

Lamby 10 years ago

I LOVE THIS GAME my grandma had it on her computer but now she got a new one and it is gone :( I can't seem to download it anywhere!

rupert 10 years ago

this is truly the best game in the world and all i would like for christmas. it is the most amazingest game evr. but i don kow if itss afe ot donwlood. ?

Dave 10 years ago

I would like to download this game. I own a mac and used to have this on Windows '95

What Michelle said is wrong. This game will NOT work on a mac unless you have an emulator of an old version of Windows or a DOS emulator of sorts. The game file is a .EXE. Macs use .DMG files for programs.

She also gave a link back to this exact page and said to download it here (where people were already having problems). Obviously she doesn't know much about computers.

Adrienne 10 years ago

I love this game soooo much my ex use to get so upset with me because he would say when are you coming to bed, Id say ok, here i come,and he would be asleep by the time i came to bed. (LOL)Why cant i download this game?

Amanda 10 years ago

I am SO happy I found this game again. I used to play it on my dad's computer when I was little. It brings back memories.

Harry 10 years ago

I Would like to download this game

Luke 10 years ago

Can someone please tell me how to download this game!!!!

Crysta 10 years ago

I looove this game, but i can't play it anymore on my new computer!

aliadanielle; 10 years ago

omy goodness, I ADORE THIS GAME !!

it is wonderful, good memories

Owen (Ching) 10 years ago

To get it to work on a laptop, enable "Num Lock" or "Number lock" on the keyboard.. then you should be able to use keys you'd normally use for other purposes - as a numeric keypad.

nicolas 10 years ago

es un juego muy bueno

Eva 10 years ago

love love love this game but, same question as below, how do you get it to work on a laptop? no numeric keyboard.

Kristen 10 years ago

Had this when I was about 5 or 6! lol I love this game. It always gave me really good memories. I'm so happy to have found it again and I'm sure all the people bombarding yahoo answers with questions regarding it/playing it will be very happy when I tell them to come here! ^_^ This game is too great not to share with everyone!

heather 10 years ago

the problem i am having is the keys...i am using a laptop so i don't have the numberic keyboard and i can't figure out for the life of me how to get it to work...it does not let you change the assigned keys...

someone plz HELP...i'm dying to play

deej 10 years ago

I played this game with my mom who died from cancer...It reminds me of all the things I did with her at 3 , which was how old I was when she died.

u dont wanna know 10 years ago

i rate this game in honour for who made it 100% because of how fun it is and also how addictive it is i love it

thank-you <3

Britney 10 years ago

i was playing a game yesterday that was similar to this and i couldnt think of it for nothin! i searched the internet after thinking a while and finally found it! YAY! i loved this game wen i was s kid!!!

DaiZ 10 years ago

I had this back on my Windows 2005 PC and loved it. I remember playing this one, along with Jezzball, another old game that I would suggest to anyone who likes this one.

I really enjoy some of the older style games more than the 3D over the top games that are all the rave. I just found this one because I was searching for a link to find a good tetris game for free.

andrea p. washburn 10 years ago

what kind of retard doesn't know where they are?

angie a. newport 10 years ago

whats all this game rating for?where am i????help???

charles d. owen 10 years ago

who better to kill a cat than a mouse.this game has shown me my better half

cacous q. redlin 10 years ago

this game stands the test of time.

frank p. ranous 10 years ago

it goes well in my book.

Michelle 10 years ago

Okay, I promise you that this game downloads and works on ANY type of computer. Your computer might be blocking this type of downloads, or something is wrong with your dowloading software. I have windows vista and a mac and this game works on both! so I know it will work for you guys! I downloaded it here: http://www.pcgaming.ws/viewgame.php?game=rodents_revenge

Maybe this site has a faulty download thing! I'm not sure. Download it yo! Its a fabulous game!

NAT 10 years ago

this game is the best

Mishii 10 years ago

I Love This Game :D!

angie 10 years ago

We lost this game when my computer was taken in for repair, and we miss it so much. Both my grandchildren and I love it! I am so glad I have found it. Angie

ali 10 years ago

i always loved this game but you can never play it aymore. whats up with that? they need to put this game on the newer computers. i also like chips challenge and the pipe game. i really was excided to download but it was to hard can someone tell me.love the game and thanks for the person who invented this game its the best yo know what i meen i meen really i love this game i love this game i meen i love this game yayayayayayaay i love the game i want to download it

lissie 10 years ago

omg i love this game its the best!!!

wendel 10 years ago

i used to play this game... cant now cause winzip thing expired damit

sim140 12 years ago

Well I have Windows XP and it works fine...don't know what version Faith has!

Excellent game...we played this on our first computer which ran Win 3.1. Have just sent this to my 23 yo daughter who loved it back then!

g H o S t 12 years ago

Its a totally awsome game of complete domination

Guest 12 years ago

hey i loved this game when i was able to play it on my old comp but now i have a mac...is it possible to play on a mac? if so please please please help me find out how! you can contact me at kmbreslin@spsfg.org thanks

Guest 12 years ago

i like totally love this game!!!!!!!


live dfj;lajsssssssssssg

ginnnny 12 years ago

i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove rd my bestie has so play it i love

Guest 12 years ago

i remember playing this but it isn't working for me. do you need some special program to run it on windows xp ?

Guest 12 years ago

I remember playing this in the 1990's - great fun. The cats are a little stupid, so with a little trial and error, you can figure out how to outsmart them. Of course, it does get more difficult when there are 3 or 4 of them!

Guest 12 years ago

I played rodent's revengeso can play it know because it is fun.

Guest 12 years ago

I wish I could get this to download! I used to play it when I was little too. Maybe someday a remake will be made.

Amber 12 years ago

this game is awesome!! but somehow its hard to download =/

Guest 12 years ago

this game is so awesome. i could play it all day long if i wanted to. you should try it out sometime!

alyssa 12 years ago

wow i love this game..but i dont no how to download it..i think you shld put more steps to show you how 2

loon 13 years ago

it is the best game i ever played

Marilyn 13 years ago

I had this game on my computer years ago. My computer was stolen and although I have replaced it I could not find this game anywhere, until now, this is the best game ever. It keeps my brain very active.

Jordan Pardy 13 years ago

I love this game. It is an excellent classic, so I wouldn't except a lot from an old game, but then again, there are better ones!

Hadgy 13 years ago

this game smells like poopy. :(

John Michael 13 years ago

One of the best games I've ever played. It beats most of the high powered rubbish thats going about. Hooray for simple fun games! But i deliberately erased all traces of it from my computer because it was consuming me. Wish I had kept a copy somewhere in a deposit box sort of out of reach but still obtainable. I also discovered that there are lot's of people looking for this game. Must be a favourite.

Bye John PHd student

Mary Beth 13 years ago

This is the best game inthe world!! It may be old but its still good. And the little mice and cats are so adorable

Matt 13 years ago

Awesome! Just like the original!

colin 13 years ago

how do you download it? help me

Jessi 13 years ago

I used to always play this when i was a little kid. I was addicted to it! then we moved and got a new computer and i forgot about it! that was 8 years ago when i was 5! i just remembered it and now Im gonna download it again! its the best game ever! it never gest old!

The Josh 13 years ago

A great game. Very nostalgic.

matt 13 years ago

This game is so much fun and I have always wanted it becuase I used to play it when I was little and this game is just like the best like ever! This game puts the word fun in computer games, I always used to play it and I always will.

Katie 13 years ago

ive been looking for this game for a while. i have windows xp and it runs just fine

malcolm 13 years ago

I love this game and i play it all the time

BlueFox 13 years ago

Oldie but Goodie. . . was glad I could find this one!
*For those of you having problem's running this game, try running it under Windows 95 compatabilty mode. Works fine for me.*

faith 13 years ago

its a great game, but looks like it doesnt download on newer versions of windows otherwise I'd have given 90%

Ashley 14 years ago

It's a great game I had it on my old computer but tis' not downloading on my new one...I loved the game when I had it now I wish I could play it

Catherine 14 years ago

A great game that has given our family hours of pleasure!

Ellie 14 years ago

It's good, but it's not downloading onto my comp, I wanted 2 coz my frend has it!! It's great fun!!

Crystal 14 years ago

I would like to download this game.

Sylvia Norris 14 years ago

I Would like to download this game

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