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Roll 'em Up Pinball

Developer: Dommelsch
Year: 1997
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 85%
Downloads: 95,091
Size: 3.91 MB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Roll 'em Up Pinball Review

This is a pinball game with great graphics, support for 1 to 4 players, and a hall of fame.

If you are looking for a nice Pinball game, this is it.

37 User Comments

Ben 3 months ago

It will run on Windows 7. Right click Rollemup.exe and click properties. Then click on compatibility tab and tick disable desktop composition. The game won't install from the installer on Windows 7. I had to run Windows Xp from a virtual machine and install it and then copy the extracted files to the program filesx86 folder on Windows 7.

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mokhtar 14 months ago



sezgin uzunel 20 months ago


Into Pieces 2 years ago

To those who experience the graphics glitch: your PC is just too good! There are ways to slow it down, but as far as i know, the only way to truly fix it is to build in a graphics card that has a max resolution of 800x600 at 256 colors. If you happen to have an old pc (Windows ME max), try it there. It might be more playable.

Also, if anyone knows a good 32-to-64-bits emulator, please let me know, as i really wanna be able to play it again too. Compatibility mode doesn't work for me.

Lefteris 3 years ago

My post with the fix was not shown because of the links.

Guys the version I sent will work but colors are garbled.

To work correctly search in youtube "How to Force window mode in ANY game (No Install Required) [#1]""

It's a program to make rollemup run windowed. It worked for me in Win 7 64!

Lefteris 3 years ago

Guys, the working game is here. Just run rollemup.exe


To admin please merge this and previous post.

Thank you.

mixpix 3 years ago

Is there a version that will run on win 7 pro, 64 bit?

loesmarijs 4 years ago

krijg het niet in werking kunnen jullie helpen

Roberto 5 years ago

How do you get it working on windows 7 64 bit?

Thabani 5 years ago

Its the best game iv ever played

walid 6 years ago

think you

bghvdchv hvgfvyasdcvwhkaqdgbh 6 years ago

yes i like is a game pinball,

Craig Moffatt 6 years ago

Fantastic game on it all the time :-D

Nancycat 7 years ago

How do we contact the people who made "Roll em Up and convince them we need newer version I'm on Windows Vista now, but enjoyed the game tremendously on Windows ME.

Rex 7 years ago

It took me almost 10 years to find this game(forgot the name).I used to enjoy it so much! And Yes! It can be played in Win7!

imcool 7 years ago

I discovered how to use this game in Windows 7

Tick the box next to 'Run this program in compatibility mode' and select 'Windows 95' from the list. Check 'Run in 640x480'. Check 'Disable Visual Themes'. Also check 'Disable desktop composition'.

Hope it works!

paulo 7 years ago

muito bom

Gert 8 years ago

Ek bly maar die beste!!!

miguel alvarez 8 years ago

si cncigo lo que quiero se pasaran de buena onda

Charles 8 years ago

sad :o( glitches on Win XP Nvidia, as well as screen colours messing, screen flashes every second or two, making it unplayable ..... Guess it's the video card, though no other game causes this! Compatibility settings no help....

Adrian 8 years ago

I also used to love this game in older versions of Windows. Now I have Windows 7 and have tried all of the available compatibility modes - I even tried changing some of the other settings like number of colors, resolution, etc., and haven't found anything that works yet. Anyone else with Windows 7 that can run this great little game???

Brianna 8 years ago

I'm so glad I found this game... I used to play it years and years ago! All those having issues running in Vista or 7, try running the program in Compatibility Mode (right click on the game's .exe file, find the compatibility mode tab, then there should be a drop down menu that offers other versions of Windows, pick Win 95 and hit apply)

Good luck!

Thea 8 years ago

I played this game years ago, and finally I found it again. One of the greatest games I ever played.

EggMaster 9 years ago

I have a question: is there some way to run this game on vista???

Scotto 9 years ago

Is there anywhere that tells you how to collect the different features coz if there is I cant find it

vinni 9 years ago

great game!! wont run on vista! bummer.

Macdwhac 9 years ago

The glitch you are talking about happens when you inadvertantly hit the windows button. Hit pause, then hit the windows button again (sometimes more than once.). It should clear up your problem.

Martinka 9 years ago

Cool pinball. More pinball can you find there:


rainbow 9 years ago

I played this game lots of times...on Windows 95 OSR2 back between 1998 to 2000 and the original release of Windows 98 guest on QEMU. The game is fun...even if the language is in Dutch.

Margan 10 years ago

I get the same screen glitch as Boaz since I've downloaded it on a machine running Win XP. Previously used it on older pc running Win 95 and also one running Win 98 with no problems. Now on XP machine, the color gets funky looking at start up ( showing logo ) and is okay again for a while when playing the game, but then gets odd streaked colors again some time during each game and stays with the streaky colors, making it almost impossible to see clearly enough to finish game. Used to really love this one but after trying Compatibility Wizard and trying different modes nad settings to no avil, almost ready to give up. Wish it would work correctly again or they would offer a new more recent update version as it's a really great game.

Boaz 10 years ago

I've played this game for years, but since I had to redownload it there has been a problem. At random the screen will glitch, leaving me with very bright colors.

Erik 10 years ago

Its in Dutch, Dommelsch (Beer), its a great game. But its another pinball gae as we all know. But its for free and for fun.

Rusty 10 years ago

Have played this game since it came out. I never get tired of it. I just get tired!

Mathias 12 years ago

I dont like it because is on German language and physics isnt real.

Morkus 13 years ago

My wife and I have been playing this one for years -- glad I found it to download on new PC! Excellent graphics and a quick -- escape the workday bit of fun.

Robert Thistle 13 years ago

Amazing graphics and sound effects...lots of fun with additional hidden features as your score climbs....you can also put your score on their website if you are high enough...


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