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Super Mario Bros 2.5D

Developer: Nickmade Games
Year: 2005
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 79%
Downloads: 170,515
Size: 2.15 MB
Added: 9 years ago

Our Super Mario Bros 2.5D Review

Super Mario Bros is a 3D version of the classic Mario game. It's very simple, and not much different from the original.

You move back and forth by using the left and right arrow keys, and jump by using the up arrow. You can also move the camera using the W, A, S, and D keys and zoom in and out with the R and F keys.

As with the original game, you jump on top of enemies to kill them. If you jump onto a turtle, it will hide in its shell, and you then may hit it from the side to make it slide in that direction. It can be stopped by jumping on top of it again.

Overall it's a nicely-built clone and has a neat concept which will keep you entertained for hours.

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fghkjk 11 days ago


salah 4 months ago

very very nice and cooooooooooooooool game my favourite game

Sarah 9 months ago

nice to reminisce :)

Heer 20 months ago

superb game i enjoyed it......................plz download

mario 2 years ago

is me mario

Isabel 2 years ago

It's free

Jenodfrey 3 years ago

I love This Game

VASHU SHARMA 3 years ago


chetan 3 years ago

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gtest 3 years ago


priyatosh 3 years ago

its very coolo

bhangar 3 years ago

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Ashwini dhote 3 years ago

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Lg 3 years ago


Kiran 3 years ago

How to download

Rabin 3 years ago


Kedar 3 years ago

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112233mrmario112233 3 years ago

this game is awsome

Ashar 3 years ago

Super Mario old game not) lot of super mario

Ashar 3 years ago

Mario old game not

Nazooooooo 3 years ago

Superbbb game.... I want dis game in my cel... Bt dis game is nt downloaging in my cel.... How to doo...plzz help

hadi 3 years ago

I want this program for 64 bit windoows :-(

fgjfjjgf 3 years ago


daniel 3 years ago

da hr

Ajaz Alam 3 years ago

I Like This Game

yung she 3 years ago

knpa ga bsa di download sih,,,,

sahil 3 years ago

bilkul bekar game

Santosh 3 years ago

Samsung 5233

shafkat 3 years ago


Daniel Modesto 3 years ago

Cadê o download

G.dinesh 3 years ago

Good game

pavan 3 years ago

how to download old version super mario?

Jayant 4 years ago


Kapil 4 years ago


Aasma 4 years ago

Very nice game!!!! I just love mario..

Esma 4 years ago


cupid 4 years ago

really love mario xoxo

cupid 4 years ago

how to download this game? im dying to play this game, please please

hari 4 years ago

this game is super perfect game than other game

hany 4 years ago

good game

Wajid 4 years ago


priya 4 years ago

i love this game

saqib 4 years ago

the best game of the world

sahil 4 years ago

i love the game very much

Pankaj 4 years ago

This is a very exciting

Simran jeet 4 years ago

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SAKSHI DUTT 4 years ago


SAKSHI 4 years ago


pappu dada 4 years ago

loda jevi che chodinav

haroon 4 years ago


chloe 4 years ago

i have complited this game but hw do u get the other ones

Bubuniek3 4 years ago

Woow! 2.5D is cool B-D

a toufikk 4 years ago

c'est un jeux coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooLL!!!!!!!!!

Tom 4 years ago

Sorry.My english laungage not very good. :<This game looks like 3D :>

sandeep singh 4 years ago


muhsen 4 years ago

nice kheli nice

aliza 4 years ago

i love this game plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dowload it

NOKIA-X3-00 4 years ago

Super Mario

raju meena 4 years ago

my faviorate game mario. thanks

supare mario 4 years ago

downlod this game

Bad Mudda Fucdda 4 years ago

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faslloash 4 years ago

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Dadi telcom 4 years ago

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شوشو 4 years ago

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dhimas 4 years ago

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Akash 4 years ago

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popp 5 years ago

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abuthahir 5 years ago

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lucas 5 years ago

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Ranae Powelson 5 years ago

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santhosh 5 years ago

This is a super super mario game...lets download and play it....

devansh agnihotry 5 years ago

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Faizan 5 years ago

It's very easy to play

Faizan6335@gmail 5 years ago

I luv all mario games

Faizan 5 years ago

It's very easy to play

jonathan 5 years ago

como baixar esse jogo super mario 2.5d

amar 5 years ago

i love you game iam read in9th

raj narayan 5 years ago

i love this game

ZQQOOT 5 years ago


amelia 5 years ago


kubilay şahsuvaroglu 5 years ago

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lol 5 years ago

does this game get u virus ?

Guest 5 years ago

How do you get it?

Neha 5 years ago

Try this game

st0yl3s 5 years ago

Can you fix this game up. I can't get it to work on multiple pcs.

atefeh 5 years ago

it remide me my childhood.....

sakshi 5 years ago

i like this game.

sakshi 5 years ago

i like this game.

jk 5 years ago

i love mario game

vivek 5 years ago

i like this game too much thanks pc gaming website

41 seconds ago 5 years ago

Super Mario XP

Super Mario XP 5 years ago

Super Mario XP

gabol 5 years ago

How can I pass the second level of this game?

daja 5 years ago

This is better than call of duty modern wafare 2, and battelfield bad company 2.Super mario bros is the best game i ever seen in my life.?yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa

monic raj puri 5 years ago

it's good monic araj puri nepal

MaTt 6 years ago

mario mario mario

I Love MS-DOS 6 years ago

In This Game Can't Do A SPEEDRUN :(

I Love MS-DOS 6 years ago


I Love MS-DOS 6 years ago

Super Mario Bros 1 In 3D.COOOOOOL!!!!!

I Love MS-DOS 6 years ago

Is This Game For SNES?????

Riyaz Uddin Ahmed 6 years ago

Day Night i always love to play mario all the time

Amtul Nazeer 6 years ago

East or West Mario is the besttttttttt

Sameer uddin ahmed 6 years ago

I love playing this game very much

belantan_malay@yahoo.com 6 years ago

others gamesz?

pat 6 years ago

very gooood!!!!!!!!

sage 6 years ago


ali 6 years ago

bu gacurlar ne diyo la suck muck diyo kufr olmasın yada mocuk gibi terbiyesizlik flnnnn !!!

sergio romo 6 years ago

i cant play it because it says you have to pay for the thing when you download it

rudy 6 years ago

iam still love mario bross

me 6 years ago

this game is slow:(:(:

me 6 years ago

this game is slow:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

el guapo xD 6 years ago

el juego ta chido

Geust 6 years ago

a little like the original hard to control cause its 2.5D but really great game works fine on my pc!!

yasar 6 years ago


onur 6 years ago

hello my name is onur I m from turkey

this is game good

jack 6 years ago

eh, it\'s alright not the best thing i\'ve tried

sandeep 6 years ago

i loveing it

slomo is the best emu for dos games 6 years ago

error slomo fix

Jordan 7 years ago

@Josefine - Many DOS games don't work correctly under modern versions of Windows (XP or Vista). Try downloading a DOS emulator called "DOSBox" to play the game.

gatinho 7 years ago

esse jogo e uma draga 2.5D quando eu acredita eu mando um jogo melhor que esse

Mave 7 years ago

what work with vista

Josefine 7 years ago

ca someone please tell me what´s wrong?

i've downloaded the game, and that works.. but when i want to use it, nothing happens...

Is there some special program i need to have to be able to play?

Rusty 7 years ago

@Sandra: LOL you think it's a bootleg? foolish child..

btw this game's pretty good

zombie 7 years ago

with all the games on this site you should really give a link to the developers of the games.

Guest 9 years ago

The graphics ARE okay, but the play is bad. First, the player has unlimited lives. Second, the jump is uncontrolled. Third, you can always break bricks.

Guest 9 years ago

The graphics are great, but since you cannot lose there really is no point in having lives. The thing is, you start with negative lifes

lola 9 years ago

This is the best game ever

Sandra 9 years ago

This game is bootleg so can u please change it thank u .

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